How to Get your Summer 2020

RMNP Reservation Tickets

Rocky Mountain National Park has now reopened for 2020 and is working to increase access to the park in phases.  
This is what you need to know before setting off to Estes Park and your extraordinary mountain town summertime getaways:

Rocky Mountain National Park is opening in stages.

Phase 1 (now through 6/3).
RMNP is open with limited services and no vehicular access on Trail Ridge Road above Rainbow Curve, up Fall River Pass, or in the Wild Basin Area.  Note:  We entered Fall River Entrance on the 5/28 and looped around to the Beaver’s Meadows Exit without any impediments whatsoever. Vehicle traffic and trailhead activity were sparse. On the 29th, Glacier Gorge Parking Lot was filling up early while the Bear Lake lot was relatively empty. We’re planning a hike on 5/30 and will update as to park experience. Update: I got in the park lickity split. At 8:01 a.m. Bear lake lot was nearly empty. Hiked the Glacier Gorge – Loch Vale Trail to Sky Pond. Typical late May conditions. New best day ever.  Other mountaineers kept social distance. 

Phase 2 (beginning 6/4).
RMNP is implementing a temporary timed entry reservation system to further increase park access and provide everyone a reasonable opportunity to comply with health guidelines.

We expect the timed reservation system will soon be relaxed and abandoned as park officials monitor social impact and snow conditions improve.

Check this page for updates. 

When recreating, park visitors should follow local area health orders and avoid crowding.

Visitors should consider activating the RMNP timed entry reservation system before leaving home.

Until further notice, you will need to procure an advanced “ticket” to ensure you get in the park this summer on your pre-planned timing and schedule. Otherwise, you’ll just have to go with the flow. The preregistration ticket process presents a new logistics hurdle. This information will ensure you will not be unprepared or disappointed on your arrival. Your summertime in the mountains may take a little extra planning but is easily doable. If you have any questions or need help, just ask. We’re here for you. We have strategies to help make sure you get your time in RMNP.

  • If you enter the park before 6 a.m. (almost always highly recommended in the summer) or after 5 p.m. you do not need to preregister.
  • Reservations to enter the park by vehicle between 6 a.m and 5 p.m. are on sale for $2 per day through The next release will be on August 1 for the month of September and any remaining days that have not been booked for August. On September 1, reservations will be available for the month of October and any remaining days that have not been booked for September.
  • Vehicle entry reservations will also be available two days in advance at 8 a.m. MT on a rolling daily window. Example: On June 2, reservations will be available for June 4; on June 3 reservations will be available for June 5.
  • Print your tickets and make ready to present at the entrance gate on your arrival.  For now, there will be no gate sales for daily passes. 
  • The permit system will apply to all areas of the park.
  • Each private vehicle entering RNMP will need reservation for each day the vehicle will be in the park. They will not be sold at the park entrances. The person making the reservation needs to be in the vehicle at the time of entry. Your ID may be required at time of entry.
  • Each private vehicle will need to present normal RMNP entry fees (daily, annual, lifetime, or senior passes) in addition to the $2 reservation fee.
  • Your reservation will permit you to enter the park within a 2 hour window. You may stay as long as you like once inside the park. You do not need to pay again to reenter the same day. For example, you may drive over Trail Ridge Road (when the snow is plowed) to Grand Lake, have lunch and return with the same reservation.

Updated 7.26.2020

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