Perfectly Located Cozy, Historical Cabin.
My husband and I came to visit Estes Park for our anniversary, and had an absolutely amazing stay at Redemption Cabin. We knew that it would have some historical charm before we came, but it was even better than expected. Rick and his wife have put exceptional amount of detail into making every crook and cranny something special for you, and we were absolutely charmed by it.
Further than the historical charm though, the cabin is actually very comfortable to stay in. It has all the historic goodies with all the present pleasantries! There was some food already stocked in the pantry, which kept us from having to buy some of the basics, and the kitchen is stocked with all the utensils and cookware that you need. We ate in for most of the time there and loved it. They even thought of putting in an electrical kettle for hot water for tea so you don’t have to use the microwave or coffee machine.

We looked for a very long time before coming to RMNP for the perfect place to stay because I was pretty particular about the type of ambiance and coziness in the cabin we would stay in, and we definitely found it. I was hesitant at first because so many of the other cabins had a hot tub or some type of view. Trust me – you won’t miss it – at all. The cabin is 2 minutes walking distance to downtown, and by the time you’ve hiked all day, it was nicer for us to snuggle up by the wood stove under a blanket than be outside in a hot tub. I was so happy I forewent the hot tub for Redemption Cabin. I think the surprising part of our trip was that we probably enjoyed spending time in the cabin in the morning and evening as much as we did outside at the park. Very well done! You really can’t go wrong staying here. I highly recommend it.

Pearisburg, Virginia

Stayed: October, 2014
Cabin: Redemption
Submitted: October 23, 2014