Loved it. Perfect for a family our size, age, interests.

The owners of Redemption clearly have a hospitality mindset that is beyond the usual. From the simple niceties of having a clean place to the more complex questions of character and thoughtful planning – everything here jumps out at you as ‘just right’.

Our kids had books laid on their pillows. Enough fun things (books, Estes relics) to look at without going over the top with it.

The owners had placed padding on spot where someone could hit there head on an eave out back. An extra water bottle was available. Etc Etc. Attention to detail at every turn.

There was ample access to information, videos, books, brochures etc that saved us from needing to do extensive research.

Everything was set so we could relax, wake up and go. Being walking distance to town was great. And being close to RMNP was perfect, too.

Katy E.
Stayed: October, 2015
Cabin: Redemption
Submitted: November 6, 2015